Masjid Ihsaan Ramadan 2020 Plans

ألسلام عليكم و رحمة ألله وبركات

Dear members of our Masjid: 

Assalamu Alikum wa Rahmatulah wa Barakatuh. 

We praise Allah (ST) for his blessings and mercy that he has bestowed upon us and we send salutations on our beloved Prophet (SS). We are all experiencing difficulties at this time with the effects of COVID-19. May Allah continue to grant us patience and the ability to cope with this situation. As you are aware, most of the masajid in the state and nation have minimized prayer services. No jumah or small congregations for Jumah, and small gatherings for the daily prayers, keeping the rule of NO MORE than 10, as imposed by the order of our Mayor and State. The situation has not gotten better to allow for a return to normal. But we ask that everyone continue to make duah for this situation to return to normal. We have the Azan being given daily at the masjid and a few brothers pray to keep the House of Allah opened. They maintain the strictest diligence on following the rules to keep everyone safe. No one who is sick should be going out, faces should be covered as required, and hands sanitized often. Social distancing is also key. As a community we must do what we can to help prevent the spread of this virus. 

At our Masjid, unless something drastically changes, we WON”T have our usual iftars and dinners. However, we ask that if any of you had intentions of sponsoring an iftar and dinner, please look at the reputable organizations that help provide iftar for our Muslim brothers and sisters in need and donate some of what you intended to help those families where ever they may be. If you are unsure as to where to send your money to, please contact any member of our shura to help facilitate you sponsoring a family or more. There will likely be NO Taraweeh at least for the first two weeks of Ramadan. We will re-evaluate after the middle of Ramadan. 

We ask that everyone make the best of Ramadan at home, and again we ask Allah to make this better for us soon. Continue making duah for our protection and forgiveness. 

Please remember that our masjid has to continue paying for the usual expenses and giving zakat to our needy members. We are making arrangements to have a link for you to donate on line. We will make arrangements to collect and distribute your Zakatul Fitr towards the end of Ramadan. However, please mail your checks to the Masjid for now. We will also have a few boxes outside of the Masjid for you to drop your donations, Zakat and Zakatul Fitr in. May Allah reward you all. 

Ramadan Mubarak. 

Shura council